Shrug Off Those Winter Blues & Step Into Spring






Starts Monday, March 22nd

Hi there!


There’s no disputing it – it’s been one long, hard, hellish winter.  Dark days, dreary weather and endless COVID restrictions have left us all feeling somewhat sluggish, lethargic and more than a little snug in our clothes.


If you find yourself nodding along…firstly, it’s so important to know you’re not alone!  Even the most conscientious carry a little winter padding as we approach spring.


Secondly – if you feel this way and want to do something about it but have no idea where to start – that’s OK!  Again, you’re not alone.


It is time to shed the shackles of winter.  If you want to take ownership and step into spring feeling renewed and rejuvenated…


…then we want to help you do just that.


Join our Blossom challenge on Monday, March 22 and let’s re-energise together.


No more excuses – The Blossom Revive & Renew Challenge is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.  This is your chance to revive and renew your body, your mind and your life.  We will help you achieve self-love without starving yourself or spending hours on a boring treadmill.  We will give you all the tools to learn to fully love yourself from the inside out.  You will walk away from this challenge feeling stronger, more confident, healthier, happier.


So go ahead – join the Blossom Revive & Renew Challenge below.  It’s time to put an end to the dreariness and baggage that’s been holding you back.


Here’s to a healthier, happier, more renewed you!


Three Easy Sign Up Options


What You’ll Get:

Effective, Efficient Fun Fitness


Designed to specifically suit your schedule and get you back to fitness after the long, challenging winter. These workouts will help you strengthen, tone and re-energise.  You will revive and renew your body, mind and life.


✓ Workout anytime, anywhere

✓ Sculpt and carve your body and mind in less than 20 minutes per day

✓ ZERO equipment necessary

NEW weekly LIVE classes to keep you motivated and engaged

✓ Follow along fitness class videos for each weekly workout – do the workout at a time that suits you!

✓ Complete step by step instructions for each exercise

✓ Handy printables

✓ Expertly designed for accelerated results

NEW to the Blossom challenge – STEP INTO SPRING – daily walking challenge

Easy, Sumptuousm No-Fuss Recipes


This is not a calorie counting, restrictive diet.  It’s not a diet at all.  It’s a feast for the body – pure nourishing and reviving goodness.  You will be eating good, simple, tasty food up to 5 times per day.


✓ 3 full 21-day meal plans to choose from – Regular, Vegetarian and Low FODMAP

✓ 21 days of easy, family-friendly recipes to help you renew, revive and re-energise your body from the inside out

✓ Instant shopping lists to support your selected meal plan

✓ 250+ simple, delicious recipes to swap in and out of your meal plan

✓ Includes pancakes, curries, burgers, healthy sweet treats

✓ Save your favourite recipes to your private collection

✓ Adjustable portion size with the click of a button to suit your family

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Complete Support To Guarantee Success


To ensure you get the most of out of this challenge – you need support. This adventure also encourages and promotes self-care and mindfulness.  We are looking to renew and revive on all levels.


✓ Accountability and support from your team of experts

✓ Goal setting exercise to increase self-awareness and success rate

✓ Positive mindset tasks

✓ Daily self-care in our all new REVIVAL ROOM

✓ Access to private Facebook group – The Pepper Hustle Community

✓ Daily Cheer-Leading Guaranteed

✓ Weekly check-ins and accountability

✓ Brand new meditations to support mind-body connection

Trust The Process.  Do The Work.  Have Patience.


We Get Results!


Results guaranteed when you follow the plan fully


The fitness testimonials and weight loss results presented here apply only to the individuals. 

Each testimonial is from a real customer who used our programs and/or services.

Before and after photos shown were not altered or retouched. 

No one was paid for a testimonial or endorsement.

Why Are Our Programs So Effective?


✓ Efficient workouts that have you burning more calories post workout than steady state cardio


✓ Unique, rapid training format which leaves you feeling energised rather than fatigued


✓ All workouts are beginner-friendly and can be done anytime, anywhere.  ZERO EQUIPMENT NEEDED


✓ Support and sustainability = ultimate success


✓ Save time, sculpt and carve your body and mind in less than 20 minutes per day


✓ Become more energised, leaner and happier in 21 days


✓ Fast track tour results with 21 days of meals developed to support nutritional needs leading to feeling better, moving better and fueling fabulous


✓ Simplify your eating with our unique PFC Nutrition System 21 day plan, shopping lists and daily recipes galore!


✓ Specially formulated workouts unique to the Pepper Hustle training program help you burn calories for longer

Have A Question?

I am a complete beginner. Is this program suitable for me?

Not only is the program suitable for you…it’s been designed specifically with beginners in mind.  Each week there will be a specific beginners only workout.  This is the perfect challenge to get stuck in and start creating healthy habits.

I can't cook and I'm not very organised in the kitchen. Am I doomed before I end get started?

Absolutely not.  If you can read, you can cook.  And we’re getting back to basics in the kitchen with this program.  Simple, wholesome recipes that the entire family can enjoy.

Can I drink tea & coffee while doing this program? What about fizzy drinks and alcohol?

Tea and coffee are fine enjoyed in moderation.  Hold the added sugar if you can.  And in terms of coffee be mindful of your selection.  There is a big difference between a black coffee versus a mocha for example.


Replace fizzy drinks with sparkling water.


Alcohol is a personal choice.  If you do have a drink we recommend you consume in moderation and stick to a glass of wine/prosecco or a spirit.  The problem is often not the alcohol but the sugary/salty snacks that accompany the alcohol.  So if a glass of wine triggers you to eat unnecessary processed snacks, eliminate alcohol for the duration to achieve the best results possible.

Do I need gym equipment or weights for this program?

Zero equipment necessary!  You just need a workout mat and a bottle of water.  This program will be focusing on cardio and body weight.

I'm quite a fussy eater. What if I don't like some of the recipes on the meal plan?

If you are a PHOD member you have access to over 250 delicious recipes.  Just swap out the recipe you don’t like for one you do like.  Or pick one of your favourites.  Just follow the PFC nutrition guidelines.

I've tried and failed so many times. How is this different?

Pepper Hustle On Demand and all our programs have been designed to help get you started and to focus on healthy sustainable habits.  We’re not a traditional dieting, calorie counting, hours in the gym company.  Through education and support, we enable you to build a lifestyle without restrictions so you can live your happiest, healthiest and most confident life.

I'm 51 next month. Am I too old at this stage? Feeling disillusioned.

You are never too old and it’s never too late to make the changes you want to make in your life. From your 40s onwards, our hormones start going a little crazy. If you don’t eat the right food and exercise regularly, your muscles (and bone density) disintegrate faster with every passing year.  And unfortunately fat goes on easier.  This is why the older we get, the MORE important it is to take regular exercise and join programs such as Blossom.

I'm not on Facebook. Can I still take part or how do I get support?

100%.  It’s not necessary to be part of the Facebook group to do this challenge.  If you struggle with motivation and need daily support/inspiration – the Facebook group is excellent for this.  We are in there daily answering questions, cheerleading and giving direction.  And our members love the accountability aspect of the group.  But if you’d prefer not to be part of the group – that’s 100% fine too.  We do regular email check-ins for all challengers and members.  And we have goal setting tasks to do each week to help keep you on track.  We are also available on email ( to provide additional support.

Do I have to give up my carbs? I tried this before and couldn't stick to it.

Our meal plans have been developed to limit carbohydrates, not to eliminate them completely.  If we were to completely take out all carbohydrates – we would be left with an extremely restrictive diet (which we don’t and will never support) and very limited food choice (where’s the fun in that!).  The problem is not carbs at all really, it’s the type and amount of carbs we consume that needs to be examined.  And we’ll talk a lot about this as we move through the Blossom program.  But the short answer is NO – you don’t need to give up carbs.

I suffer from IBS and bloating. And lots of foods trigger my symptoms. Can I still do the program?

Not only can you do the program – you will THRIVE on this program.  We have designed a Low FODMAP meal plan for the Blossom challenge.  And low FODMAP has been scientifically proven to relieve symptoms of IBS, IBD and bloating.